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Current Situantion

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Current Situantion

Post by Nemmar on Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:57 pm

BuckSSF has a Partnership with official game hosts & developers (Told so by an Admin whom i trust). If what he said is true that right there completely blows BullSF right out of the picture as a competitor as this game is Legit, yours isn't.

BUCKSSF Key features:
-Fast loading
-Smoother Gameplay
-No Godmode bugs when a player disconnects
-Far superior visual textures/colouring of maps and in-game characteristics, including weapon animations.
-Friendly community and very friendly outgoing staff members.
-Ping limit system (In the works from what's been said)
-Smooth & Stable servers
-Welcome packages, items that aren't ridiculously overpriced.
-More dedicated staff and most importantly they have the interest and willing to listen to the players and build the game up to it's highest possible level of potential.
-Blood Effect, Light Map Off/On options, in-game recording options, upcoming European Server and possible ping limit in the future as well as a solid competitive community along with a pub community.
This game is in early development and is a second priority to SF2 which is understandable. This game is loved by original SF players from multiple versions of the game worldwide and the fact they are willing to host this and go the lengths to get a license to do so shows exactly what kind of people we have here compared to your pitiful BullSF.

BullSF has to offer:
-Constant disconnection issues
-FPS Drops all the time even on high spec systems that could run 10 copies of the game.
-Disgusting map/game textures and horribly designed map remakes with unrealistically intolerable opacity in numerous maps. Iv met people who claim to use sunglasses to play in desertcamp and shanghai on BullSF for crying out loud.
-Toxic community so bitter and delusional they are laughable at best.
-Fraudulent admins and developers who steal content from another game and promote it as their own.
-Unreliable updates that literally NEVER fix bugs/glitches, all you bring to the game are Pay to play items and skins you steal from Counter Strike Global Offensive and other versions of Soldier Front. Good luck trying to pull the wool over eyes here, you can't deny content from BullSF is stolen and shouldn't even be accessible. That game should be shutdown and should have been a long time ago.

BullSF isn't even worth mentioning. The only reason the competitive players are still on there is simply because they are patiently waiting for EU/NA servers to be added to this game and they will all be playing here. 5 minutes of playing this game and you can instantly see countless improvements and a lot of nostalgia to the original SF versions. Unlike BullSF where they have to copy content of others to impress people. Now i feel i have said enough here to clarify a few things so i bid you good day, have a wonderful evening and thank you for reminding me exactly why people dislike BullSF. I could say so much more but i need not as everyone already knows what i'm talking about. I posted this literally just to show you exactly why i no longer care to play BullSF and why i fully support the ones running this new version of the game.

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